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Grant Page

1939 2024

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Grant Page was born in 1939 in Adelaide, South Australia and was a student at Prince Alfred College. As a keen sportsman Grant trained for the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games in the field of athletics, before enrolling in a Physical Education Degree at the Adelaide University. From there he went on to join the Royal NSW Commando Unit to follow his dream of becoming a paratrooper; a training ground which would ultimately prepare him for his stunt career.

Grant had no real intention of working within the film industry, but after several film makers approached him seeking assistance with military skills such as abseiling for their film productions, his career as a stuntman began. However, it wasn't until after a chance meeting with director Brian Tranchard-Smith, who was filming a doco - drama called "The Stuntman" that his career truly launched. From here Grant travelled the world with Brian climbing any obstacle that Brian pointed his camera at, including altercations with a leopard and hyena.

Grant was revolutionary in stunt design and for his use of newly developed equipment to further action sequences within film and television. This includes his hand built truck named "buttercup" which was used to bare foot ski behind and his innovative use of a hang glider to launch from the top of Uluru & to fly over the cities of Hong Kong and Sydney for the cult movie "The Man from Hong Kong". Grant is also known for climbing the middle of the "Three Sisters" at Katoomba barefoot and for his death defying feats as an ultralight plane pilot.

Grant went on to coordinate the original "Mad Max" movie along with the 3rd sequel "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome". He also coordinated such classic Australian Shows as "The Light Horseman", "Road Games", "Deathcheaters" and "All the Rivers Run"; to name but a few of his many film credits.

In 2015 Grant received a "Life Time Achievement Award" from the MEAA and in 2018 a "Screen NSW Award" presented to him by director Dr George Miller, acknowledging his years of service and dedication to the Australian film industry.

Grant now lives in a quite beach town enjoying the coastal lifestyle. He also has an acreage property where he is developing a koala and native wildlife sanctuary.

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